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Tax Service Singapore

Tax Service refers to the provision of Annual or Routine Tax Filing and Tax Advice to Companies, Businesses and Individuals. It the the outsourcing of Tax function to external service provider.  Tax filing service is important for companies, businesses and individuals to file their tax returns correctly, comply with the tax laws and avoid serious consequences as a result of non-compliance. On the other hand, Tax Service in the form of Tax Advice is necessary to maximize shareholders' return on investment legitimately.

The different types of tax filing in Singapore are listed below for your reference.

  1. Estimated Chargeable Income Filing (ECI Filing)
  2. Corporate Tax Filing (Form C and Form C-S)
  3. Partnership Tax Filing (Form P)
  4. Personal or Individual Tax Filing (Form B, B1, Electronic Tax Portal Filing and Form IR8E or AIS)
  5. Withholding Tax Filing (Form IR37)
  6. Employee Tax Clearance Filing (Form IR21)
  7. Goods and Services Tax Filing (Form F1, F5, F7, etc)
  8. Trust Income Tax Filing (Form T)
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Consultants Delivering Premium Tax Service

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Tax Agent and Consultant assist you and your business when it comes to tax filing or replying to query from the Singapore Tax Authority, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Tax Agent and Consultant prepare the tax returns based on the accounting numbers and make necessary adjustments to comply with the tax rules. They also advise companies and businesses on tax optimization structures and help them to apply for tax incentives.

For self-employed individual who has substantial income, you may wish to engage a Quality Tax Advisor or Consultant like us to analyze your tax situation. You may be surprised at the amount of tax savings you can get from the tax advice.

How to Find a Knowledgeable Tax Consultant or Tax Service Provider?

Engaging the Big 4 Tax Consultants for tax service may not be an option for many due to the high fees. If you are looking for a good Tax Consultant from one of the Local Accounting Firms in Singapore, please make sure that he or she is knowledgeable in terms of taxation. Many Consultants in the Accounting Firms are good at Accounting and Auditing work but could not provide excellent tax service. As such, you may wish to ask the Tax Consultant whether he or she had previously worked in IRAS or Big 4 specializing in Taxation or how many years of tax experience they have. If they do not have the experience, you may wish to consider looking for another Tax Consultant who has the necessary experience and can advise you better. Tax Consultant who had previously worked in IRAS as a Tax Auditor, Assessor or Investigator would certainly be able to advise you better in terms of tax compliance.

Our Tax Consultant and Advisor

Our Tax Consultants and Advisors are well trained and have extensive experience in Singapore Tax. They have Big 4 and/or IRAS experience and are accredited by SIATP. Let us guide you appropriately on the tax filing matter and discuss relevant tax issues with you to ensure that you are tax efficient. Whenever possible, we will assist you and your businesses to apply for tax incentives. Our tax advisory team is always eager to suggest legitimate tax saving methods for you and your business. We believe you will be pleased with our tax service.

For enquiry on our tax filing and tax advisory services, please call us at or email us. You can also engage us for Accounting, Consulting and Corporate Secretarial Services and trust that we can deliver the quality results.

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Tax and Accounting Service is closely related. It is common to see a professional firm offering both services. We offer accounting and related services. Tell us what service is needed and we shall provide you with a reasonable fee quote.

Financial transactions should be keep in an orderly manner and this is where bookkeeper comes in, recording accounting entries at the early stage of accounting cycle.

Wish to know more about online accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks or just looking for a simple free accounting software like Wave Accounting Software. Or maybe you wish to get a more advanced technology Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software.

Looking for financial audit service provider who can perform statutory financial audit and sales or rental audit? Approach us now.

Our Tax Consultants would like to help you with your Corporate Tax, Individual Tax, Withholding Tax, Goods & Services Tax and other tax return filing. Contact us to check our tax support services.

Getting a Business or Company started is never easy. Let us help you with this journey of registering your Business or Company.

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