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Payroll Service by Qualified Professionals in Singapore

Payroll Service is a service which tabulates and reports employees’ remunerationfor businesses. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), especially new business start-ups, should need this service more than bigger businesses because of the financial constraint on employing a full-time in-house payroll specialist.

By outsourcing the payroll function, businesses free up precious time and limited resources to focus on Sales (i.e. revenue generating activity) and other core functions. Moreover, Payroll Consultants’ expertise in handling payroll matters would enable businesses to comply strictly with the regulations of Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Central Provident Funds (CPF) and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Most importantly, businesses should gain some cost savings compared to hiring a permanent or part-time staff to perform this function.

Payroll Service Singapore

Itemized Pay Slips Required by MOM

Employers must issue itemized pay slips to employee with effect from 1 April 2016. The pay slips must be given within 3 working days of payment.

Pay slips must include the following items, if applicable:

  1. Employer’s Full Name
  2. Employee’s Full Name
  3. Payment Date
  4. Basic Salary (and Basic Rate of Pay, if applicable)
  5. Salary Period (Start and End Date)
  6. Allowances
  7. Bonus
  8. Other Payments
  9. Deductions from Salary including CPF Contribution, no pay leave and absence from work
  10. Overtime Pay and Hours worked and Overtime Period (Start and End Date)
  11. Net Salary Paid
Itemized Payslip Singapore

Employees’ Remuneration Details to IRAS

In order to prepare and file the Form IR8A or IR8E (Auto-inclusion Scheme) correctly with IRAS, you must understand the taxability of each remuneration item (i.e. Salary, Bonus, Allowances and Benefits). Salary, Bonus and Allowances are quite straight forward.  The difficulty lies in the Benefits-in-kind.

Some Benefits-in-kind are taxable and some are not due to concessionary treatment (i.e. tax exemption or lower tax under IRAS concessionary rules). If the Benefits-in-kind qualify for concessionary tax treatment, it means you should enter a lower or zero amount in the Form IR8E. Businesses which are not familiar with the rules may report more income than necessary or may not comply strictly with the rules and be penalized by IRAS.

IRAS is moving towards electronic filing of tax returns and other forms. As such, businesses with 9 or more staff can no longer file a paper Form IR8A in Year of Assessment 2018. It is compulsory for them to file electronically from Year of Assessment 2018 onwards. It is also a matter of time when IRAS makes it compulsory for all businesses. Can your payroll software generate the Form IR8E for electronic filing? Wish to find out how we can help?

Return of Employee's Remuneration or Form IR8A

Payroll Service and Employees’ Central Provident Fund (CPF) Contribution

Reporting of CPF Contribution has been greatly simplified or automated. Payroll software can generate the necessary files for CPF reporting most of the time. However, setting up the payroll software and knowing which payroll items are subject to CPF contribution can be a challenge. This is especially so when tax rules and CPF rules are not harmonized. Some non-taxable remuneration items require CPF contribution. Some taxable remuneration items do not require CPF contribution. An experienced Payroll Consultant knows the taxability and CPF implication and will therefore be able to guide you appropriately.

CPF Submission Service

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accounting for payroll compensation

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Our Quality Payroll Service

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