XBRL Filing and ACRA BizFinx

Comply with ACRA requirements on XBRL Filing

XBRL Filing in Singapore

XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is the standard financial communication data language use for filing Financial Statements via ACRA Bizfile. It is an open source or licence free language and has been used by many countries including US, UK, Japan, China and India as the standard language for communicating business information over the internet.

XBRL Filing and BizFinx

Companies Exempted from XBRL Filing

The following Companies are only required to file their Financial Statements Highlights in XBRL format together with AGM financial statements in PDF and are exempted from filing their full set of financial statements in XBRL:

  1. Commercial Banks, Merchant Banks, Registered Insurers and Finance Companies which are regulated by Monetary Authority of Singapore; and
  2. Companies allowed by law to prepare accounts in accordance with accounting standards other than (Singapore Financial Reporting Standards) SFRS or IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

Insolvent Exempt Private Companies (EPCs) have the option to file the full set of financial statements in PDF with Financial Statements Highlights in XBRL.

Solvent EPCs are exempted from filing PDF or XBRL Financial Statements with ACRA.

ACRA BizFinx for XBRL Filing

ACRA has a portal call BizFinx Portal which comes with a free offline software preparation tool for companies to prepare XBRL financial statements in accordance with the XBRL filing requirements implement by ACRA.

BizFinx portal is also a one-stop portal to address matters relating to filing XBRL financial statements. It allows companies to submit XBRL financial statements.

Free Data Analysis

ACRA offers a free one-time usage of data analysis for companies each time they file their financial statements in full XBRL (this offer is valid as at 1 December 2016). The free data analysis is available at ACRA BizFinx.

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XBRL data analysis

Financial Reports and Management Reports

The necessary financial reports and numbers must be made available before the XBRL Filing can be performed. Let us handle your accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting and management reporting so that you can ensure that highest level of compliance in terms of ACRA's reporting.

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Grants and Funds

Securing government grants and sourcing for investment funds are 2 important areas which business owners should not neglect. If you cannot find time to look at these 2 aspects of business, let us help you to do so.

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