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Company Secretary to Comply with Regulations

Corporate Secretarial Service in Singapore

Corporate Secretarial Service is a service you need when registering and maintaining your businesses with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Though doing business in Singapore appears simple, complying with the corporate legal requirements under Companies’ Act may not be straight forward. Non-compliance may lead to heavy penalties and fines of up to $10,000 or jail term of up to two years. Some Directors were sent for corrective training by ACRA’s for non-compliance. As such, it may be better for businesses to engage a qualified Company Secretary to provide Corporate Secretarial Service.

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Appointing a Company Secretary

Singapore Companies’ Act requires every company to appoint a Company Secretary within six months from the date of Company’s incorporation. Have you appointed a Secretary for your Company?

Once you engage our Corporate Secretarial Service, we will take care of the necessary compliance work required by the ACRA. From registering your business (and incorporating your company) to business renewal and company’s annual filing, you can be assured that our professional accountants and legal representatives will handle them appropriately for you. Once the business or company is registered, we shall guide you on Bank Account opening and prepare the necessary Share Certificates and create the Company Seal necessary for official documents. Thereafter, we shall prepare the notices for meetings, resolutions and minutes, and file them accordingly in the Statutory Record Files and Books. We shall maintain the Statutory Registers like registers of members, directors, auditors, etc. For Annual Filing with ACRA, reminders will be sent to you to remind you to hold the Annual General Meeting. We shall ensure that proper documentation is generated and signed for ACRA’s Annual Filing purposes. We will be glad to perform any changes to the Company’s particulars at your instructions.

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Corporate Secretarial Filing Procedures for Subscribing to New Shares and Transfer of Shares

It is normal to add new shareholders to your Company or transfer your shareholding to another person as your business grows and evolves. We can easily help you with the subscription of new shares for the new shareholders. For the transfer of shares, it is not so straight forward as you need to lodge the transfer with ACRA and IRAS. For ACRA, the necessary resolutions have to be passed and the transfer of shares has to be effected in the ACRA Bizfile. At the same time, we need to lodge the transfer of shares with IRAS and pay stamp duty. If you appoint us as your Company Secretary, we can handle all these filing and submission for you and you can be assured that they are properly handled by our professional staff.

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Requirements on XBRL Filing for Company Secretary

In 2014, XBRL Filing is required for all Companies exempt those Companies specifically exempted. We have the expertise and tools to assist you in XBRL Filing. Just contact us at or email us for XBRL Filing, Striking off a Company and any Corporate Secretarial Service. For other Accounting and Bookkeeping Services or Tax Filing Service, please also contact us.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service is necessary to ensure that the financial reports can be generated for Annual General Meeting of the Company to satisfy the requirements of Companies Act and ACRA. As such, most Companies request for our professional service package which includes both accounting and corporate secretarial services.

With the push for automation and cost cutting, accounting software becomes an inevitable part of accounting. It reduces the time taken record transactions and generate reports. Some system even capture the information at source to reduce human error and improve efficiency.

The filing of Corporate Tax, Individual Tax or GST can be made easy when you engage our tax service. Our qualified tax accountant will handle the tax filing for you so that you can continue to concentrate on your business strategic planning and implementation.

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Raising Capital

Raising more funds to get the business going can be difficult. Let us connect you to Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists to source for funds.

Aquiring New Business

If you are going on an aggressive growth plan of acquiring other businesses, we can connect you to the right business owners and facilitate you in achieving your acquisition target.

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register a company or business

It's time to register a business now and let us handle your corporate secretarial, accounting, tax and other related matters.

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