Company Seal or Common Seal Singapore

Traditional Way of Authenticating Documents

Company Seal Singapore

A Company Seal (also known as Corporate Seal and Common Seal) is an official seal used to certify something as true or legally issued by the Company. In the past, Company Seal is frequently used for protection against forgery. By attaching the Seal on the official document, it confirms that the document is truly endorsed by the Company. Nowadays, Company Seal is hardly used. They are only used in Share Certificates, the First Ordinary Resolution and some contractual documents.

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Is it Mandatory for a Company to have a Company Seal?

Based on Companies Act (Section 123) and ACRA’s regulation, it appears that the Company Seal is still required under the Law (as at Sep 2016). ACRA has not specifically informed that the Company can do away with the Seal or can replace it by Company’s Inked Stamp. There is still a requirement for the Company Seal to be used as a mark of authenticity and identity for a Company till ACRA clarifies further on this. There is a proposed amendment to do away with Company Seal in Year 2017. While we are pending the confirmation of the proposed amendment, it will not cost you much to have the Seal. It is much cheaper than incorporating a Company.

Some organizations or government agencies may request for the Company Seal to be affixed to some contracts or lease agreements. As such, you should maintain the Common Seal just in case you need it for certain contracts and to comply with the Company’s Act.

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Special Price for Company Seal or Corporate Seal

If you need a Company Seal, you can buy it from us at special price of SGD50 per Seal. If you engage us for Company Registration and Corporate Secretarial Services, a further discount on the Company Seal will be given to you.

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