Quickbooks Online Accounting Software

Commonly Used Online Accounting Software in Singapore

Quickbooks Online in Singapore

Quickbooks online is one of the most popular cloud accounting software in Singapore. It has great user interface and competitive subscription prices for businesses especially for start-ups. Let us take a closer look at Quickbooks Accounting Software.

Dashboard of Quickbooks Online Accounting Software

Quickbooks Online Accounting Software

Similar to Wave Accounting Software, the expenses are shown by a ring or pie chart with different expense classification. The dashboard may not be as informative as that of Wave Accounting because it is designed to avoid too much information at one go but encourage you to click and drill in to extract more information.

On the right hand side, you will see a list of chronological events or audit trail of the past activities in your accounts. This includes activities like issuing of invoices, receiving payments, etc.

Issue Invoices

For sales invoices, you can select one of the templates offered by Quickbooks Online Accounting Software. The Colour and Logo of the company can be customized. You can also add notes and footer to the invoices. Quickbooks allows more customization for invoices than Wave Accounting Software. For example, you can select the template which is “Window Envelope Compatible” or show “Billable Hours and Rate” of employee in relation to the invoice.

Recurring invoices can be easily duplicated from the original invoice and scheduling of recurring invoices can be easily performed. Mobile apps allow you to send your fee estimates and invoices directly from your mobile devices.

Bank Reconciliation

We find Quickbooks' bank reconciliation easy to understand. Take a look at this video which shows how bank reconciliation is done in Quickbooks. Basically they concentrate on checking the payment presented in the bank account and checking the deposit shown on the bank.

Receipts Upload for expenses

You can take a photo of your receipts with the phone’s mobile apps and upload into Quickbooks Online. However, you have to enter most of the details as there is no optical recognition ability like Wave Accounting (Please note that information on this is valid as at December 2017).

Future Collaboration with Bank

As at December 2017, Quickbooks has not integrated with the bank to allow automatic feeding of bank information into Quickbooks. It may still be at the testing phase of integration with banks. Hopefully we can see the integration in year 2018. On the other hand, Xero Accounting Software has already integrated with the bank such that bank information will be fed to Xero.

Sign Up Quickbooks Online with Us

When you sign up Quickbooks Online with us, we can assist you with the setting up at special rates. In addition, you are allow to purchase our package of accounting service, corporate secretarial service and tax service at preferential rates if you are a new start-up.

Just call us at (+65) 6303 0625 or email us and we shall discuss further with you.

Accounting Service and Accounting Software Support

Having accounting software provided by the same accounting service provider will ensure that you have a one-stop service for all your accounting needs. It can be normal bookkeeping to financial accounting or management accounting.

Human resource (HR) is one of the most valuable resources and they should be given sufficient attention. Whether it is HR consultancy, payroll service or CPF contribution assistance, you know you can count on us to help you.

We deal with Corporate Tax, Personal Tax, Goods & Services Tax or GST, GST Registration, Withholding Tax, Transfer Pricing and Trust Income Tax Filing.

We can also help you apply for Certificate of Residence for application of exemption under the Tax Treaty.

It is our objective to assist you in registering a new company or business as smoothly as possible. In addition to registration, we provide other services like setting up your accounting system and software, filing your taxes, etc.