IRAS Approved Accounting Software

Accounting Software Registered with IRAS

IRAS Approved Accounting Software

What Accounting Software is considered an Approved IRAS Accounting Software? In order to be registered as a qualifying IRAS Accounting Software, these general conditions must be met:

  1. The Accounting Software should provide a reporting facility for the generation of information necessary to prepare income tax and GST returns;
  2. It is accompanied by comprehensive documentation to assist auditors and users to understand how the software operates;
  3. It incorporates adequate internal controls to ensure reliability of the data being processed;
  4. It creates adequate audit trails to assist auditors in the understanding of the flow of events and reconstructing of the events;
  5. It has put in place archival as well as restoration of archived data mechanisms which ensure the integrity and readability of electronic records after an extended period;
  6. It captures key data elements necessary for the generation of an IRAS Audit File. IRAS Audit File is designed by IRAS with certain format and content, taking into consideration the accounting information commonly requested from businesses during an audit; and
  7. It allows automatic production of an IRAS Audit File by a user with no assistance required from the software developer or other IT specialist.
IRAS approved accounting software

Online Accounting Software Registered with IRAS

Of all the Cloud Online Accounting Software featured in our website, Quickbooks Online is the only one that is registered with IRAS as at 31 December 2017. Xero Accounting Software (Cloud Version) has not registered with IRAS as at 31 December 2017.

Issuing of Invoices

For sales invoices, you can select one of the templates offered by Quickbooks Online Accounting Software. The Colour and Logo of the company can be customized. You can also add notes and footer to the invoices. Quickbooks allows more customization for invoices than Wave Accounting Software. For example, you can select the template which is “Window Envelope Compatible” or show “Billable Hours and Rate” of employee in relation to the invoice.

Recurring invoices can be easily duplicated from the original invoice and scheduling of recurring invoices can be easily performed. Mobile apps allow you to send your fee estimates and invoices directly from your mobile devices.

Online Accounting Software Promotion

For Xero and Quickbooks Online Accounting Software, you may wish to subscribe it via us for promotional rates and free gifts.

For accounting software subscription or accounting services request, please email us. Our accountants will be here to help you resolve all your accounting related issues.

Xero Accounting Software and Quickbooks Online are popular paid accounting software in Singapore. For start-ups with just basic accounting need, the free Wave Accounting Software should be sufficient.

Bookkeeping lays the foundation for financial and management reporting. Financial transactions must be recorded in according to the double entry rules which bookkeepers observed.

Let our Certified Accountants manage your accounts and provide you with Financial Reports and Management Reports. We will be glad to discuss how we can meet your needs better.

Accounting Service by Certified Accountants
audit to comply with accounting standards

Auditing Company's Financial Numbers

Having your accounts audited by certified accountants so as to provide a higher level of assurance to investors that the accounts are in order.

All companies have to file their tax returns except those which are specifically exempted from doing so. Tax service provided by us ensure that you comply with the tax rules to avoid non-compliance surfaced during a tax audit.

Getting the company registered and the structure organized is a service which we offer. Simply speak to us on your needs and provide us with the necessary information so that we can advise you further.

Give us a ring if you need to discuss about accounting services and IRAS approved software.

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