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Accounting service generally refers to the service of recording and reporting of financial position of a business as well as interpreting and communicating the position for decision making. In Singapore, accounting service is mainly provided by trained accountants who are certified by Chartered Accountant of Singapore. When businesses outsource the accounting function to accounting service providers, they free up precious time to focus on their operations and grow their core businesses. Start-ups and small businesses would find accounting service especially useful when they have limited financial and human resources to hire a full-time accountant. With accounting services outsourced to accounting firms, it not only eliminates the cost of hiring accounting staff, it also improves the quality of accounting work, reduces compliance risk and minimizes surprises in respect of accounting related issues.

In the past, accounting firms focus on providing accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and corporate secretarial services. Lately, accounting firms have expanded their scope of service to include accounting software support, consultancy and advisory. There are many accounting firms in Singapore providing accounting service and it is never easy to find a responsible, reliable and trustworthy accounting firm which meets your expectation to outsource your accounting function. However, with our accounting experience and customer oriented approach, you can rely on us to provide quality and reliable accounting service.

Organizing Your Accounts is Our Business

While your business objective is to serve your customers well and growth your business, our business objective is to organize your accounts and ensure that you are able to focus on your core business. We are here to remove your stress from maintaining and keeping track of your accounts. We believe that you should not sweat over your accounting issue as we are here to help. Leave the number crunching to our Professional Accountants who are certified by ICPAS to provide you with quality accounting services at affordable rates.

Points for Accounting Service

Accurate and Timely Preparation of Accounts and Financial Reports

Financial Accounting and Management Accounting

Financial Accounting and Management Accounting are 2 sub-categories of Accounting. Financial Accounting focuses on what has happened in the past and reports the state of affairs to external parties like shareholders and debt holders. Management Accounting caters more for internal parties like management and board of directors.

Types of Accounting Service

Bookkeeping refers to the recording of financial transactions while Accounting involves the interpretation of the financial data to form meaningful conclusion. Accounting tend to be more sophisticated than Bookkeeping which merely records the raw financial data in accordance with double entry rules.

The introduction of Accounting Software and ERP Software has substantially automated the manual data entry of accounting transactions. With such automation, faster and more accurate recording of transactions becomes possible. It also reduces the manpower required for recording of accounting transactions and allows the deployment of limited resources to other business units. With affordable and easily accessible cloud online accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks and Wave Accounting Software, the use of accounting software becomes even more popular.

Accounting software promotion is also available through us.

Other Accounting Related Services

Accounting firms usually provide tax service as an extension of their accounting service. It includes tax filing and tax advice - individual tax and corporate tax, goods & services tax, expatriate tax and withholding tax. Though most businesses think that Singapore tax is usually quite straight forward and transparent, there are some blind spots which you may wish to consult us. Let our tax accountants address your tax issue and reap some tax savings.

It is the usual practice that an accounting service provider is also engaged to provide company registration and corporate secretarial service in order for company to comply with ACRA's regulations and the Companies Act.

We have qualified Accountants and Corporate Secretaries to assist you in setting up businesses - Company, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship - and provide you with valuable advise on business setup and accounting matters.

Human Resource Service Singapore

We provide Human Resource Support Service like recruitment, compensation advice and structuring, payroll administration, payslip issuance, CPF contribution, Annual Employees' Remuneration Filing with IRAS (Form IR8A/E) and Tax Clearance Return when foreign employees are leaving the Company.

Corporate Finance or Business Funding

Whether it is raising funds for expansion or operational reason, we may be able to help. Tell us your situation and let us know your intention for raising funds. We will be glad to connect you to the right source of funds - loans, issuing of shares, cloud funding and initial coin offerings.

funding or business finance
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Aquisition and Sale of Business

Acquisition and Sale of Business

As we have many clients who wish to acquire other businesses to expand or sell their non-core businesses to focus on their core businesses, we are able to connect the willing buyer and seller together to create a win-win situation for all. Merger and acquisition service is also one of our businesses.

Share with us your acquisition or divestment plan so that we can bring out the best of your business.

Let's meet up and discuss the accounting and other support services you may need.

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Try us out and you will know that you provide accounting service which you can depend on. We aim to be the best accounting service provider in Singapore and are constantly improving our service to exceed customers' expectations.


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